Bjarke Pedersen from LD Trade and Environment takes over from Michael Agerkilde as SinoScan Group CEO

Bjarke Pedersen has an educational background in engineering and significant management experience from the machinery, packaging and steel industries.

– Bjarke is in a good position to continue SinoScan Group’s development as supplier of an increasing number of engineering- and design-related services, says SinoScan Group co-owner, Uffe Gyntzel.

– At the same time his international and commercial experience is essential in an organization like ours with subsidiary sales companies in Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, the US and China, he adds.

Bjarke Pedersen takes over from Michael Agerkilde, who has been offered new challenges after having led SinoScan Group through a process that has seen among other things a strengthening of sales to a customer base that ranges from German market-leading industrial corporations to Danish high-end consumer design brands.

– We are very happy with the work that Michael has done for the company these past two years, and at the same time feel confident and pleased to have Bjarke on board to lead SinoScan’s continued development toward new goals, says Uffe Gyntzel.

SinoScan Group has more than 100 employees globally and initiates more than 900 new projects annually, 400 of which make it through to production. The projects range from technically challenging components to end-products assembled at SinoScan’s in-house assembly and production facilities in Shanghai. Today, the engineering corporatation’s core areas are design-for-manufacturing, product development, and sourcing and production, primarily in the Far East.






  • Jens, Engineer, SinoScan Denmark
    Jens, Engineer, SinoScan Denmark
  • Jane, QA and Documentation Dept. Manager, SinoScan China
    Jane, QA and Documentation Dept. Manager, SinoScan China
  • Detlev, Engineer, SinoScan Germany
    Detlev, Engineer, SinoScan Germany
  • Mai-Brith, Logistics, SinoScan Denmark
    Mai-Brith, Logistics, SinoScan Denmark
  • Gu Hao, Product Dept. Manager, SinoScan China
    Gu Hao, Product Dept. Manager, SinoScan China
  • Flemming, CFO, SinoScan Group
    Flemming, CFO, SinoScan Group
  • Nick, Engineer and Peter, General Manager, SinoScan UK
    Nick, Engineer and Peter, General Manager, SinoScan UK
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