Our pledge to clients

You will experience SinoScan as a serious and cooperative supplier. It is our clear vision to be the best within our area of business and to create value and savings for you, so that you can become more competitive in your field. We want our customers to think of SinoScan as the obvious choice for manufacturing of high quality components and products at reasonable prices.

Establishing a long-term collaboration

SinoScan focuses upon sustainable business. It means that we are serious in all aspects of our business and we aim for long-term solutions and co-operation. We use the resources required to make our co-operation successful and to ensure that we are able to give a high level of service to you at every stage of our co-operation. We of course also expect you enter into our business relationship with a serious attitude and with the aim of establishing a long-term collaboration.

We will not enter into any co-operation or agreement with you or other costumers, that may put business security of our company at risk. This is a contribution to our commitment to be your long term partner.

Open communication

We want to communicate openly with you. We expect we can share good and bad experiences to build strength and resilience within our co-operation to solve problems that might occur. We are prepared to openly explain how we run our business. We welcome you to audit our procedures and visit our suppliers. However we expect that you will respect our business, and we expect that you don’t affect the good co-operation we have with our suppliers or communicate directly with them. We are very happy to receive your suggestions of how we can improve our business, but we hope you also respect we are unable to implement systems that accommodate all customers’ requirements.

SinoScan is a free and independent company that does not enter into any agreement with any company in the fixing of prices or similar unacceptable practices. We do not give direct financial contribution to any political or religious organizations.

When you deal with SinoScan you can be sure that your products are manufactured under reasonable and decent environmental conditions. SinoScan uses the power of business to force improvement, where it is needed. You can be absolutely sure SinoScan is not involved in any business that uses forced or child labor.

Likewise we do not expect that you use parts supplied by SinoScan for any illegal or morally offensive use, or put us in a situation where intellectual property rights of third parties are violated.

Delivery and Quality Metrics - Last 12 months

At the crux of the services of any off-shore supplier are timely deliveries, consistent quality and cost-efficiency.

We strongly believe that one of the fundamentals of a successful supply chain partnership is clarity for all parties involved. This is why we have decided to publish our delivery and quality performance track records on a monthly basis.

This graph shows our total performance over the past 12 months.