SinoScan Staff Functions


SinoScan’s engineers come from European, Chinese, and American backgrounds.

Our Western engineers are located where our customers – primarily Western companies – are located and serve as our customers’ link to SinoScan as well as overall project managers.

Our Chinese engineers specialize in specific areas of production within China (e.g. stainless steel castings, assembly projects, plastic and rubber) and are tasked with identification of suitable suppliers within the SinoScan network, production engineering and implementation.

Daily contact and collaboration between our Western and Chinese engineers ensures a timely flow back and forth of information and ideas relevant to any given project, and as such forms the backbone of SinoScans core business.

Quality Control and Quality Lab

Our QCs in China are all specialized in discrete technical areas and work within engineer-headed teams. The allocation of our QCs to industry-specific teams allows them to develop their skills and and gradually assume greater responsibility in their work. Additionally, they gain an intimate on-the-ground understanding of the history of the suppliers’ performance and capability, increasing the quality of information flowing back to the engineers in China, Europe and the US.

Templates for quality documentation reports are done by Western and Eastern engineers and supervised by our in-house quality lab in Shanghai. Our quality lab is also responsible for supervision, maintenance of all measuring tools as well as in-depth inspection of all development and production samples.

Documentation Department

Our documentation department is responsible for our ISO9001:2008-certified quality management system (QMS), technical drawings and Chinese versions of specifications and standards.

Our documentation department serves as an important relay of QMS-related knowledge both in day-to- day training activities and in management-level discussions concerning QMS development and implementation.

Work on technical drawings consists of both simple editing to formats suitable for suppliers, supply of drawings based on samples, and complex work on both 2D and 3D drawings for development and engineering projects.

Additionally, maintenance and supervision of versions of both specifications, drawings and standards (American, European, and Chinese) is done by our documentation department.

Assembly Workshop

SinoScans in-house assembly workshop staff consists of our assembly engineering office staff and assembly workers.

Our assembly engineering office work with our project engineers on production setup and planning and is responsible for daily operations.

All parts used for assembly lines in our workshop are sourced by our regular engineers supervised by the project engineer and our assembly engineering office.


Logistics operations are handled by staff at both our Chinese and Western subsidiaries.

Our Western logistics departments handle customer contact and all logistics and stock arrangements in our customers’ home country. Our Chinese logistics department is responsible for all shipping from China, supervision of stock agreements and supplier delivery performance.

As in all other aspects of our business, close collaboration between our Western and Chinese staff is part of daily life for our logistics departments and ensures that SinoScan is able to deliver logistical services informed by local know-how both in China and at our customers’ doorstep.

Delivery and Quality Metrics - Last 12 months

At the crux of the services of any off-shore supplier are timely deliveries, consistent quality and cost-efficiency.

We strongly believe that one of the fundamentals of a successful supply chain partnership is clarity for all parties involved. This is why we have decided to publish our delivery and quality performance track records on a monthly basis.

This graph shows our total performance over the past 12 months.