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Italian high-end mannequin manufacturer uses SinoScan's technical expertise for development and sourcing of high-quality components

When Italian football club A.C. Milan presented its red-and-black jersey for the 2016/17 season, it was draped on a gold-plated bust from mannequin manufacturer, Almax Group.

When Almax Group were facing challenges in their Chinese supply base, they turned to SinoScan Group.


Executive Summary

The market-leading Italian mannequin manufacturer, Almax, operate a manufacturing facility in China which accounts for 70-80 percent of total group production output. Through their six years of growth in China, Almax, have succeeded in bringing the very highest standards in design products to life in a setting very different from their native Italy.

Since 2010, SinoScan have been responsible for providing Almax with components and subassemblies and for ensuring that they consistently live up to the exacting quality requirements of an Italian high-end design brand.

Additionally, SinoScan have provided design and engineering services on component modifications and managed their implementation.


mannequin manufacturer

years of cooperation with SinoScan

Parts / Subassemblies
sourced through SinoScan China's sourcing division


In China, Almax, operates a well-functioning manufacturing operation experienced in handling production of the main mannequin parts as well as end-product assembly. Today, this operation accounts for more than 70 percent of the total production output of Almax.

However, inconsistencies in the performance of local part suppliers on industry-critical quality requirements such as surface finish, presented a definite challenge to the smooth operation of end-product assembly and delivery.

SinoScan FACTS

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Total Quality Compliance

How SinoScan Helped

During the initial stages, SinoScan handled selection of component suppliers, technical documentation, price negotiations, tooling and sample production, testing, quality assurance, and material certification.

As each part made it into regular production SinoScan continued to serve as a supplier to Almax, managing all aspects of daily sourcing operations.

Throughout the process all project management and customer contact has been handled by SinoScan China's local engineers ensuring the quality of both the final product and daily communication.

”It is a pleasure working with SinoScan China’s engineers. They are smart, service-minded and have built a strong working relationship with us.”

Francesco Spinoglio, Operations Engineer, Almax Group

Results and Bottom Line

Contracting SinoScan as their supplier, Almax has been able to acquire the needed stability in part supply, ensuring an optimal use of internal resources and smoother product delivery times.

”Working in a dynamic environment such as China you will always need to stay adaptable, but over the years of cooperation with SinoScan we have reached a level of consistent quality that we are very satisfied with”, says Operations Engineer in Almax Group, Francesco Spinoglio.

Who Worked on this Project?

Xiang Fei

General Manager
SinoScan China

+86 (0)21 5497 0140

Gu Hao

Product Dept. Manager
SinoScan China

+86 (0)21 5497 0140

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