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Danish engineering startup makes use of SinoScan’s engineering, sourcing and assembly services to bring innovative product to market

Executive Summary

In 2015, the engineering startup, Dynello, contacted SinoScan to implement production of their new product, ”the Rewinder” — cost-efficiently and reliably.

During first year of cooperation SinoScan provided engineering consulting as well as sourcing of CE-marked components, end-product assembly and final packaging services to Dynello.

The cost-efficiencies required for the feasibility of the product were realized within a framework that today sees SinoScan deliver the packaged, CE-marked end-product directly to Dynello.



parts sourced and assembled to final product

and packaged end-product delivered to stock by SinoScan


Through a combination of hard work, innovative user-driven product design and a grant from the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Dynello had succesfully transformed their idea for a cargo strap rewinding tool into 3d-drawings, prototypes and a viable business strategy for ”the Rewinder”.

However, turning their innovation into a business success required them to reach their target production cost while ensuring regulatory compliance and consistent product quality.

SinoScan FACTS

parts in Assortment

Total Quality Compliance

How SinoScan Helped

During the initial stages, SinoScan handled selection of component suppliers, technical documentation, price negotiations, tooling and sample production, testing, quality assurance, and CE-certification.

Later on SinoScan went on to engineer workflows for final product assembly. Product assembly would eventually be implemented at SinoScan’s internal production facility to safeguard product quality as well as Dynello’s intellectual property.

Throughout the process all project management and customer contact was handled by SinoScan’s Danish engineers ensuring the quality of both the final product and daily communication.

”We have been very happy with the co-operation with SinoScan. We discovered that SinoScan could provide services beyond production itself— delivering the final product packaged and retail-ready, with logo, barcode and instruction manual, which has been a great help.”

Emil Schrøder Jakobsen,
Co-founder, Dynello

Results and Bottom Line

Today, SinoScan serves as supplier to Dynello of the finished product which is delivered packaged and retail-ready.

”There have been a few adjustments needed during the process, but we are very satisfied with SinoScan’s work”, says Dynello’s co-founder, Emil Schrøder Jakobsen.

Who Worked on this Project?

Lars AndersenPhotoLars166

+45 5250 8103

Michael Bak

General Manager
+45 2933 7705

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