Iron and Steel

SinoScan have been sourcing high quality iron and steel products and components for 15 years in China. We supply an all-round range of iron and steel products and components in all common material grades from all common forms (e.g. shaped bar, forgings, castings and powder metal). For parts made from sheet metal please see Sheet Metal and Fabrication.

Industries currently served include processing, marine/offshore, automation, furniture, lighting and retail design.

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Commercial Terms
    • Customer liaison and project management handled by engineering team in customer host country.
    • Full CAD-capabilities for both parts and tooling.
    • Specialized Iron and Steel engineers and QC’s.
    • Day-to-day contact, supervision and development of suppliers.
    • In-house VMM/CMM and a wide range of other specialized testing equipment.
    • 3rd Party Material Certificates provided as needed.
    • Documented quality control performed on all deliveries before shipping in accordance with our ISO9001:2008-certified quality management system.
    • Quotations are provided by American, British, German, Danish and Canadian SinoScan market companies.
    • All business transactions are conducted between customer and market companies.
    • All quotations are provided with part specifications and include unit and tooling prices, based on documentation, batch size, stock arrangements, and estimated annual usage.
    • 50 percent of tooling costs are paid at commencement of sample production and the remainder at sample approval. Tooling is the sole property of the customer.
    • Prices are quoted DDP in customer’s local currency or otherwise as per customer requirements.
    • Unit Prices are adjusted when the combined change of material index price and currency rate is in excess of 5 percent of said unit price.
    • Standard payment terms are 8 days after delivery.
    • Local/off-shore Warehousing and/or vendor-managed inventory (VMI) services provided as needed.

Delivery and Quality Metrics - Last 12 months

At the crux of the services of any off-shore supplier are timely deliveries, consistent quality and cost-efficiency.

We strongly believe that one of the fundamentals of a successful supply chain partnership is clarity for all parties involved. This is why we have decided to publish our delivery and quality performance track records on a monthly basis.

This graph shows our total performance over the past 12 months.