Sourcing Custom-engineered Parts from China

SinoScan has been sourcing custom-engineered parts from China for 15 years. Engineers located in Denmark, Germany, England, USA, Canada, and China and a wide network of suppliers established over the years ensure both cost-efficiency and quality over a wide range of materials and processes.

Our global presence ensures that you are dealing with people that speak your language and share your background. With SinoScan sourcing you have access to robust engineering expertise from both your home area and China.

We do not charge for any services rendered in pre-production phase. Our only source of revenue is actual and approved deliveries. This means that we are 100% committed to making every project a continued and stable success.

SinoScan offers:

  • All quotations delivered with relevant technical documentation
  • Samples made with production tooling
  • Inspection and documentation of all production batches
  • Comprehensive ISO9001:2008 certified quality management system

Sourcing Process Overview

  • Pre-production and Quotation (1 – 8 weeks)
    Commercial Terms
    • Drawings are supplied by customer or prepared by SinoScan’s engineers and documentation department.Part Specifications in English and Chinese are prepared to ensure clarity and a sufficient level of detail with regard to technical requirements, standards and definitions throughout the supply chain.All documentation is maintained by our Quality department in English and Chinese in accordance with our ISO9001:2008-certified quality management system.
    • SinoScan’s Western and Chinese engineering teams work with the customer and potential suppliers to identify the production process that provides optimal cost and quality performance for each specific part.If needed, SinoScan’s engineers will advise the customer on part design as well as process selection to optimize for production cost and quality.
    • SinoScan has in its network more than 100 active suppliers, many of them with a history of cooperation lasting 10-15 years.Our understanding of the capabilities of each supplier and our relation with them, is an important asset during the quotation work.From the suppliers shortlisted during the initial investigation, SinoScan’s engineering team chooses the most suitable candidate based on capability, capacity, cost, and past performance.
    • Quotations are provided with part specifications and include unit and tooling prices, based on documentation, batch size, stock arrangements, and estimated annual usage.Prices are quoted DDP in customer’s local currency or otherwise as per customer requirements.All business transactions are conducted between the customer and SinoScan UK Ltd.Standard payment terms are 8 days after delivery.No prepayment or L/C is required.

      50 percent of tooling costs are paid at commencement of sample production and the remainder at sample approval.

      Tooling is the sole property of the customer.

      Unit Prices are adjusted when the combined change of material index price and currency rate is in excess of 5 percent of said unit price.

      Local/off-shore Warehousing and/or vendor-managed inventory (VMI) services provided as needed.

  • Tooling and Sample Production (3 – 12 weeks)
    Test Report
    • During tooling and sample production SinoScan’s Western and Chinese engineers work closely with the supplier, to ensure full compliance with technical requirements and quality standards.Although SinoScan assumes full responsibility for production and maintenance of tooling, it remains the sole property of the customer.All samples are produced with final production tools to ensure consistency between samples and actual production batches.
    • An agreed number of samples are produced and distributed to the customer, the relevant SinoScan market company, SinoScan’s engineering and sourcing office in Shanghai, and SinoScan’s supplier.Samples are labeled, stored and entered into our ISO9001:2008-certified quality management system (QMS) together with all relevant test reports and certificates.If several iterations of sample production are necessary, all sample versions and related documentation are likewise labeled, stored and recorded in our QMS.
    • During the sample production stage, an original test report (OTR) is drafted by SinoScan’s engineers.The OTR specifies all dimensions, tolerances, surface requirements, functionality requirements and other requirements that are to be measured and/or tested and documented.Full test reports based on the OTR are provided with all deliveries throughout the product life cycle – from the first sample through to regular production.Additionally, SinoScan provides its current customers with a wide range of in-house, supplier and 3rd party certificates related to material composition, specific industries, functionalities, and various regional directives.
    • Samples and all relevant documentation are delivered to customer for approval.After customer approval of drawings, part specifications, samples, test reports and material certificates, test order production is commenced.
  • Test Order Production (3 – 12 weeks)
    Prod. Line
    Test Report
    • The test order production stage exists in order to evaluate the efficiency and stability of the production line, and to ensure that quality performance is maintained in the transition to regular production. All test order batches undergo rigorous quality control to ensure compliance with all specifications and the stability of the chosen production processes.Where necessary, workflow procedures and instructions are formulated by SinoScan’s engineers and the supplier and stored in our ISO9001:2008-certified quality management system (QMS).Such workflow procedures and instructions are implemented at production floor work stations, so that they are readily available and easy to understand for production staff.
    • Packaging instructions are issued for all parts, from the smallest and simplest part to complex retail-ready design products.All parts and products are packaged and labeled according to customer requirements and to meet the challenges from sea, airfreight and land transportation.SinoScan’s engineers provide packaging design services as needed.
    • Whenever needed, dedicated measuring tools are procured, entered into and maintained in our ISO9001:2008-certified quality management system (QMS).Test order production batch is delivered with test report based on the original test report (OTR – see “test report” tab under “Tooling and Sample Production”-header) and all agreed upon certificates.Additional testing of critical requirements, dimensions and tolerances is performed on entire test order production batch or a representative portion of the batch.
    • Test order production batch is delivered to customer with test report and material certificates for approval.After customer approval of test order production batch, regular order production is commenced.
  • Regular Order Production (3 – 12 weeks)
    Batch Report
    • All production batches are checked and documented according to the original test report (OTR – see “test report” tab under “Tooling and Sample Production”-header).Testing is done at SinoScan’s suppliers or at our own facility in Shanghai before shipment.Production batches are delivered to the customer complete with test report and other agreed-upon certificates.All Test reports and related certificates are stored in SinoScan’s ISO9001:2008-certified quality management system.
    • SinoScan’s logistics department handles customs clearance, tariff coding, import/export taxes and VAT refunds. We ensure that issues that might result in sub-optimal tariff coding, missing paperwork or extensive waiting periods are dealt with in a timely fashion.SinoScan have long-standing cooperative relationships with best-in-class freight forwarders and customs handling partners, internally in China and internationally, ensuring the stability and timeliness of deliveries.Transportation time by sea to either Europe or North America is typically 4-5 weeks.
    • SinoScan offers warehousing in China, North America and Europe, and Vendor-managed customer inventory (VMI) solutions.This enables us to serve a wide range of customers for whom lead time constraints are a critical part of supply chain-related considerations.Additionally, raw materials and component stock agreements are implemented, as required, at our suppliers in order to optimize production lead time.
    • On-going supplier development is an integral part of our business model and quality management system (QMS). Many of our suppliers have grown both revenue and capabilities under the scrutiny, support and encouragement of SinoScan.The daily contact between SinoScan’s engineering teams in North America, Europe and China and our suppliers forms an important part of this work. Suppliers are audited annually according to our ISO9001:2008-certified QMS.Where needed, SinoScan support suppliers with knowledge, staff and financial resources for required capital investments.

Delivery and Quality Metrics - Last 12 months

At the crux of the services of any off-shore supplier are timely deliveries, consistent quality and cost-efficiency.

We strongly believe that one of the fundamentals of a successful supply chain partnership is clarity for all parties involved. This is why we have decided to publish our delivery and quality performance track records on a monthly basis.

This graph shows our total performance over the past 12 months.