Documentation and Quality Assurance

SinoScan operates a comprehensive ISO9001:2008-certified quality management system (QMS) – this system has been formulated and implemented in our organization over 15 years and today encompasses all aspects of our engineering, sourcing and production work flows.

SinoScan provides quotations complete with part specifications (PS) covering all relevant technical aspects of part production, packaging, and transport. Part specifications are maintained in our QMS by our documentation department in Chinese and English. All samples and production batches are provided with test reports and material certificates. 3rd party certificates are provided as per customer requirements. Testing is done by SinoScan’s QC’s at supplier facilities or at our own quality lab.

An important part of our QMS is the set of procedures put in place to ensure compliance of all production batches leaving China for Europe or North America. These procedures among other things govern production and measuring tools procurement, sample production, in-process/final batch inspections and documentation, non-compliant parts handling, production engineering, subsupplier management and development, commercial terms, QC training and internal and external performance tracking.

Delivery and Quality Metrics - Last 12 months

At the crux of the services of any off-shore supplier are timely deliveries, consistent quality and cost-efficiency.

We strongly believe that one of the fundamentals of a successful supply chain partnership is clarity for all parties involved. This is why we have decided to publish our delivery and quality performance track records on a monthly basis.

This graph shows our total performance over the past 12 months.